Putting on natural mink eyelash wholesale  – How to Apply Them Correctly

The bright eyed, heavy lash look been popular for decades. In the 1950’s pinup girls and sex kittens wore them to amp up their look. In the 60’s and 70’s, the bigger your eyelashes, the better. Unfortunately, many of these looks came out appearing artificial. Today, over the counter natural mink eyelash wholesale  look much more natural and less gaudy. Many women wear them like an accessory to enhance their eyes. The quality of lashes has improved so that it is easier to get a more natural look. It’s also become a lot easier to apply false lashes, and will a little practice you too can get this hot look.

Lashes come in many different styles now, you can get a box of individual lashes for strategic placing of the lash. Simply use this kind to fill in sparse areas of your lash line, or use them at the end of the lashes for more fullness. Full sets offer easier application, and all over glam. You can also create your own unique look by trimming them at an angle, or even sectioning full sets off on your own, and customizing your new natural mink eyelash wholesale .

natural mink eyelash wholesale 
natural mink eyelash wholesale

Before mtthe  applying your false eyelashes, wash off any makeup, especially old mascara. Prepare your natural lashes with an eyelash curler. It is also best to line your eyes before applying natural mink eyelash wholesale . This is good for two reasons, it’s easier to blend in the lash roots, and you don’t have worry about smearing your makeup afterwards.

I suggest having your own eyelash kit on hand. Get yourself some high quality natural mink eyelash wholesale  adhesive, several sets of false eyelashes, small pair of scissors, tweezers, toothpicks, Q-tips, paper towels, and an eyelash curler. I prefer the dark eyelash glue because it blends in easier.

To begin, lay everything out all of your supplies, and separate your individual lashes. Remember to apply your lashes to the outer corner of your eye first, working your way inward. Pick up an individual lash with your tweezers, dot the lash root with glue, wait a few seconds, and apply to your lash line. If you are applying a full set, run a thin strip of glue across the lash line with a toothpick, wait a few seconds for the glue to get sticky, and apply just above your natural natural mink eyelash wholesale . Use Q-tips to press them in place, as it is less messy than using your fingers. Once you apply them, give yourself a few seconds more for the glue to dry completely.

You can create a lot of different looks from here. Go over your eyes again with more eyeliner, shadow, and mascara. Create the look you want with false eyelashes, and don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s takes a little practice, but once you learn how to apply lashes the way you want them to look, you can get lots of extra glam style.

natural mink eyelash wholesale 
natural mink eyelash wholesale

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