An Alternative Treatment to Surgery for cluster eyelash extensions

Ptosis of the eye, also known as drooping eye syndrome or cluster eyelash extensions, is the condition wherein there is an abnormal drooping of one or both eyelids while a person is looking straight ahead. This can occur on either the upper and lower eyelid, with the individual unable to raise his or her eyebrow(s) to lift the eyelid in such a way so as not to obstruct his or her vision. The problem happens when the levator and Mller’s muscles, which are cluster eyelash extensions the muscles that lift the eyelid, are not strong enough to support the action.

While the problem is not life-threatening, it can cause other conditions that can affect health, such as astigmatism, amblyopia, and the lazy eye syndrome. The severity of this problem will depend on what point it has been contracted. Ptosis of the eye acquired from birth, also known as congenital ptosis, is much more severe compared to the ptosis that is acquired later on in life. This is the reason why children who are suspected of having this problem will need to be treated as soon as possible. Adults who contract this condition usually acquire this when they are above thirty years old, when the muscles in their eyelids begin to deteriorate as a result of aging. It is possible to acquire ptosis as a result of heredity.

cluster eyelash extensions
cluster eyelash extensions

There are several possible causes of ptosis, including nerve abnormalities, trauma, inflammation, tumors, infections, and degenerative problems. The condition is usually detected by individuals who begin to notice that one or both of their eyelids have begun to droop, giving them a sleepy appearance. In some cases, headaches and obstruction of vision can occur as well.

Mtthe The usual treatment for ptosis of the eye is surgery. However, this brings about its own set of complications: it’s expensive, recovery may take a long time, and there’s no actual guarantee that it can permanently fix ptosis. There have even been some cases where the appearance of the ptosis sufferer became affected as a result of the treatment. Eye Secrets provides a cheaper, safer alternate route to remedy the condition.

Eye Secrets is a non-surgical eye treatment designed to lift the eyelids to a more natural shape and position. There are three available treatments in the system, which can be bought separately. The Upper Eyelid Lift solves the problem of drooping eyelids by providing strips that can be used to tape the lids to support the muscles. The Under Eye Tightener reduces lines, dark bags and puffiness of the eyes, and it can work as fast as 8-12 hours, reducing wrinkles by as much as 46%. Lastly, the cluster eyelash extensions Accelerator can boost the volume of your eyelashes by making thin lashes look fuller and longer by as short as 21 days. Studies have shown that it can improve appearances by as much as 89%.

Even those who are not suffering from cluster eyelash extensions of the eye have benefited from using Eye Secrets, because the product restored their eyelids to their youthful shape, instantly brightening the face and giving it a younger, healthier appearance.

cluster eyelash extensions
cluster eyelash extensions

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