Mineral Foundation Makeup – Cosmetic So Good it Could Run For Congress?

Ads make it sound like the greatest thing since indoor plumbing. “Go ahead,” urges one advert, “it’s good for you.” Another commercial claims it’s “makeup so pure you can sleep in it.” Just what is it about mineral faux fur mink cluster lashes that’s making beauty magazines and consumers drool?

faux fur mink cluster lashes
faux fur mink cluster lashes

A Mine of Benefits 
There are a number of reasons many have joined the mineral faux fur mink cluster lashes bandwagon. Mineral foundation makeup provides seamless coverage that lets your skin breathe, cleverly camouflaging imperfections sans the cakey appearance. They’re ideal for the acne and break-out prone because they’re made from naturally occurring minerals. Then, too, they have anti-inflammatory properties that are said to help heal pimples and blemishes. On top of these all, mineral makeup are water-resistant. They can withstand sweat, tears, humidity — perhaps even earthquakes, hurricanes, and a messy divorce; but that would be asking too much of a product.

Applying Mineral Foundation Makeup
Mineral makeup is easy to apply, and can be done in four steps.

1. Clean your face.

2. Moisturize. 
Let the moisturizer seep into the skin before you put on mineral makeup. Otherwise, the foundation might appear crumbly and cakey. A good moisturizer moistens the skin and makes it easier to blend the foundation makeup smoothly.

3. Apply your mineral foundation makeup. 
For loose foundation: press the head of the brush against the sifter’s holes. Tap off excess product. Then, with circular motions, gently sweep the brush onto your face, starting from the center to the nose, chin, and forehead.

For liquid mineral foundation: Apply in thin layers with a sponge, not with your fingertips. Blend well, starting from the forehead and slowly spreading towards the rest of your face.

For pressed mineral foundation: Whether or not you use a wet sponge, be sure to distribute the product evenly on your face. Do not stop until all lines have completely disappeared.

So should you get your own foundation now? I did, and I love it. I’d never consider going out without it. Other women share my sentiment, too. Mineral foundation makeup is selling faster than hotcakes. In fact, it has become so popular it could run for Congress and win.

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faux fur mink cluster lashes
faux fur mink cluster lashes

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