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Sweet and Touching Wedding Stories

I managed a bridal shop for many years, and one thing that you learn early on is that brides and grooms can do some pretty funny things. They can also do things that are so sweet and sentimental that they bring a tear to your eye. This is why everyone loves bandless 3D mink lashes.

One of the sweetest stories I ever heard was of a young couple that were very much in love. We knew that the groom was a romantic, because he proposed to his fiancee by taking her to her favorite restaurant (the site of their first date) and making a mock up of the dessert menu – in the middle of the cakes and pies was his note asking for her hand in marriage. Naturally, she said yes. The most touching part of their love story happened during their wedding ceremony. When the groom saw the bride wafting down the aisle in her chiffon gown and sparkling handmade wedding jewelry, he was so overcome by her beauty that he broke down in tears. The wedding had to be stopped for several minutes while he cried his heart out over his joy at marrying his beloved. There was not a dry eye in the house.

bandless 3D mink lashes
bandless 3D mink lashes

Mtthe can get a very bad reputation at times. While there are certainly some frightening bandless 3D mink lashes in this world, there are also brides who are selfless and care more about the happiness of others than themselves. I knew one bride who was planning a July wedding to be held in her college chapel. She had a little boy picked out to be a ring bearer, who happened to love wearing superhero capes. As the wedding grew closer, the little ring bearer announced that he would only walk down the aisle if he could wear a cape. Now most brides would have put their foot down at this, saying that a child in a cape would surely ruin the “perfection” of her wedding day. This gracious young bride, however, did not bat an bandless 3D mink lashes at the unusual request. Instead, she ordered an additional bridesmaids’ dress and had it made into a cape for her ring bearer. He was ecstatic, and the bride was just happy that the little boy was pleased.

I once worked with a very spirited bride who also happened to be pregnant. She made us very nervous as she kept pushing back her wedding date – there was a real fear that her dress would not fit by the time she got married. She had a very funny sense of humor about the situation. At one point she realized that she had used her pregnancy as an excuse to go on a junk food binge, and she had gained a lot of weight very quickly. She said that one day she looked at her waistline and realized, “That’s not baby – that’s chips and dips!”. I am happy to say that in the end, the dress did fit (barely!), and the bride looked lovely in her chantilly lace gown accented with dramatic handmade wedding jewelry. Pregnant or not, this bride intended to shine like a star on her wedding day, and she sure did.

Although most weddings have the same basic ingredients, the individual personalities of the brides and grooms make each one unique and special. There is something about the process of planning a wedding that amplifies the special bandless 3D mink lashes of the couple being married. That is why wedding professionals love what they do, and why it is so fun to attend weddings – no two are ever the same.

bandless 3D mink lashes
bandless 3D mink lashes

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